About Temgra

We at Temgra blog work hard to get the latest information about Magento extensions and plugins. We also offer advice on custom development services and how to go about choosing different solutions for an ecommerce business.

All About Magento
Magento is the latest e-commerce platform that was built using open source technology which offers online traders with a flexible shopping cart system. It also offers its clients the ability to control the overall look and content of their online store. With the powerful marketing and search engine optimisation offered by Magento, starting an online business has never been easier. The catalogue management tools ensure that all the products are easy to access, in a way that appeals to the site visitors.

The best part about using Magento is that it is flexible according to your online store size. If your website offers only a few hundred products to a hundred thousand products, Magento can handle it all. This flexibility makes it possible for online business stores to consider expanding gradually without worrying about a software update. There are several plugins and themes offered by Magento which can completely change the experience that the online business store offers to its customers.

The experts at Temgra promote using Magento if you are new to the e-commerce platform. With several advantages like being easy to install and add layouts as plugins, it is sought out by most newbie online traders. Since Magento has been built using open source technology, the flexibility it offers cannot be matched by any other e-commerce platform. Interestingly one would imagine that will all these benefits in tow, Magento would cost a fortune, but that is not the case. It is easily affordable and provides over fifty payment gateways to its customers.

Magento Extensions
There are several Magento extensions available in the market that can give your online store a whole new look along with several new features as well. Some extensions offer better layered navigation that makes it easier for your website customers to navigate their way through the thousands of products that you are offering them. Plenty of colour swatches are also available in the form of extensions that enable you to make your website match your theme and logo. Offering discounts to your customer has never been easier before using extensions which deal with affixing special discounts to fixed prices. You can purchase each extension as you expand your business, thereby improving your ecommerce site gradually.

Temgra is here to guide you through the massive world of Magento extension to avoid getting confused by which ones to get for your website. There are plugins and extensions that range from changing the aesthetic look of your website to those that offer specific features which you may or may not require. Our experts have a wealth of experience in dealing with online business websites and are ready to share this with you to make your online store into a roaring success. So no matter you are new to online trading, pull up your socks because Temgra is here to help you out!