Open Cart

Opencart is an E-commerce software to build online stores. It is an open source software. Anyone who wants to start an online store on a small or medium scale will find this a suitable software.There are a lot of advantages in using the opencart software. They are:
Easy for development:
Opencart is a software based on the model view controller pattern. It is straightforward to build extensions. Customising opencart is also pretty straightforward. Once you are aware of PHP and MYSQL, things get simple. To create a new extension make four files model view, controller view and a language file.
Easy Use software:
Like other popular software such as PrestaShop and Shopify, Opencart has a user-friendly and administrative dashboard.The menus in opencart are quite straightforward.They also have user-friendly catalogues, sales extension systems.
Natural changes to your opencart system:
Once you hire a developer, who has a good knowledge of PHP, MySQL and HTML with CSS.Opencart is very similar to the software mentioned above to make changes.All developers who are familiar with Magento, big commerce and PrestaShop can customise opencart easily.
Many documentation to solve issues:
Since opencart is very popular, a lot of information exists all over the website. As of now, there is more than five lakhs post covering one lakh topics with almost ninety thousand and more members. Every issue would have a solution written and posted on the website which enables you to find a quick solution to all your problems.
Thousands of extensions and modules:
You would never have the need to create your module until you have had the time to check all the extensions and modules available.There are almost a lakh and odd extensions module and templates for sale on the official open cart website. Once you surf, you must get a module of your choice in the lot.
Virtual File Structures:
Opencart uses the version created by Google. This will assist in editing the core files of the CMS without any changes otherwise. Original records are never changed only virtual copies created are changed enabling an easy update.
Ready to Use Templates:
When the funds available are not so good, and when there is no time, you don’t have to worry much about templates.Turn to ready to use models which are available online individually for opencart.
Easy to make your site a multi-language one:
Opencart is easy and efficient in translating to any language in the world.It does not matter if the text is to be read right to the left or from left to right or even if it’s a space language, You have all language folders in the catalogue of opencart that store translation It is effortless and great.
Multistore mode:
The open carts multistore mode is immensely simple and easily manageable irrespective of the different design, products, modules, customer database and languages.All these can be managed using a single admin panel.It is quite similar to Magento’s dashboard.
Search engine optimisation friendly:
There is one google analytics dashboard extension inside that will enable to boost your rankings in Google.Opencart is that friendly with Opencart.
Online marketing owners would find opencart highly useful due to these benefits and ready to use features.

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