Woo Commerce

Woo-commerce is a popular platform for E-Commerce. It is used by 30% of online stores and about one million websites. It is ideal for the online store which has just started. Woo-commerce is perfect for someone whos looking for user-friendly operations. It has a lot of themes and plugins which adds functionality to make your business grow. Unlike other software especially the competitors, it is free for download and use, with no payments.
Woo Commerce Plugins:
Planning to sell your products online is not an easy task. For items of physical nature figuring out the shipping logistics including packaging, postage and drop shipping service is one more issue. Shipping timings and delivery service choices are different across the world. Taxes differ for every state and country; it is essential to report it accurately. Woo commerce assists you in keeping these functions for your store and also has a lot of support forums to guide you in making sound business decisions.
The benefits of woo commerce plugins are that they will enable you to add functionality quickly.
Payment Gateway: when your payment choices are much more than credit card payments, this plugin is useful. It has the payment options for almost 117 countries.
Product Gift Wrap: Offering gift wrap services enables you to add more service charges.
Woo commerce product FAQ: Customers can ask their questions which can be displayed as faqs. This will add value to your site.
PDF Invoices: This type of plugin enables you to mail your copy of the invoice to the mail of the user along with printing a copy for delivering.
Follow Up Emails: Keeping in touch with your users is a great way to enhance your business operations.
Woo Commerce Versus Magento
Magento is again a famous E-Commerce similar to woo commerce; it has an easy interface to use. Both sites have a user-friendly startup. Adding functionality in Magento will cost you additional money while in woo commerce they are easy to add and not so costly. Magento might require you to hire a web expert while woo commerce can be handled simply just like the basic site functions.
Woo-commerce is an opensource and completely customisable e-commerce platform. It is built on WordPress which gives you a good safety. It has a highly modular system which lets you sell everything with absolutely no limits. It has a good base across the world. Since it is built on WordPress, it has almost more than 400 official extensions. There are also countless themes available, and you can easily find your choice of site. Woo-commerce is designed efficiently to work with themes that are popular across the web.
Woo commerce enables you to customise every part of your website. This function alone lets the site stand out from the usual crowd. The categories, tags, attributes helps customers to find what they require just by adding tags. The site also enables you to show customer reviews along with the label verified owner. This will enhance your market among the customers.
Apart from all the features mentioned above, woo commerce is true to its name having a lot of other features such as It lets you sell both digital and physical products. It enables you to affiliate products. It offers unlimited variations. It lets you to easily import and export products. Options for the one-click refund, customer accounts and guest checkout, inventory management, order management, email templates, shop managers, search engine optimisations, coupons, highlighting important products, reporting and much more.
With so many options to woo, woo commerce is the best E-commerce site for online stores..

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